Yoshimura Race R-77 SS-SS-CF Work Finish Full Exhaust '17-'18 Honda CBR500R



Yoshimura Race R-77 SS-SS-CF Work Finish Full Exhaust '17-'18 Honda CBR500R

The CBR500R boasts a 471cc parallel twin cylinder engine that for 2018 has had a few refinements. More mid range power, better acceleration, new fuel injectors are just a few of the refinements on this middleweight sport machine.

Yoshimura Works Finish Race Series for the new CBR was ready to be refined as well. We added 2.2% max horsepower and 2.9% peak torque with our world renown R-77 muffler profile. Reducing weight was another place where we wanted to focus, and our R-77 carbon offering reduces almost 6 pounds from the stock system! Now the new CBR is now ready to add to the trophy closet!

Proudly made in the USA!


New Yoshimura Works Finish takes on a unique coloring after it goes through a heat cycle on the motorcycle that looks much like those titanium works components our factory racers use.

  • Contemporary Satin/matte finish
  • Uniform heat coloration
  • Increased fatigue strength
  • Increased scratch and stain resistance


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