TST Industries Undertail for '08-'09 Honda CBR1000RR


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TST Industries Undertail for '08-'09 Honda CBR1000RR 

This kit includes both components needed to transform your 2008-2009 CBR1000RR tail section. We provide a genuine Honda undertail from the 2010+ model as well as a CNC machined closeout with a durable black anodized finish. The 2008-2009 undertail mounting points are exactly the same as the 2010-2016, enabling you to use your stock mounting hardware and ditch the old undertail. Our CNC machined aluminum Undertail Closeout installs over the stock fender mounting location, providing a sleek and smooth look with race-inspired design. The closeout keeps water, dirt, and general road grime out of your undertail wether you're on the street or tearing it up at that track. With OEM fitment and high quality components, this kit is an easy way to upgrade the look and style of your CBR1000RR.


  • Includes genuine Honda OEM undertail from the 2010+ CBR1000RR
  • Fully compatible with the 2008-2009 CBR1000RR
  • CNC machined undertail closeout featuring a durable black anodized finish
  • Installs using OEM hardware
  • Provides a sleek and race-inspired look to the CBR tail section
  • Closeout files the hole in your new undertail meant for the stock fender
  • TST Closeout keeps water, dirt, and general debris from entering your undertail

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