TST Industries Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07/XSR700/R7

TST Industries15Y07CCA, SPL-1000

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TST Industries Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters Yamaha MT-07/FZ-07/XSR700/R7

There are few things more frustrating than loosening your axle with the heartfelt intention of simply adjusting your chain, only to be slowly filled with rage as the stock adjuster plates continue to fall out of the swingarm or constantly shift around. Having an MT-07 in-house and experiencing this frustration first hand, we decided to throw some engineers and fancy machining at the problem...and BAM! Our Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters are here to solve the issue. The TST engineer team even went beyond the call of duty by integrating spools into the kit to provide a safe method of lifting the rear of your Yamaha onto a paddock stand. They designed the spool location, size, and offset to ensure fitment with most rear stands, including Pit Bull and Moto-D, without any interference. You can choose between our black anodized TST spools or pick a set of color anodized Womet-Tech spools. Each Captive Chain Adjuster kit is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and features a gorgeous black anodized finish to add some stealthy style and increased durability to the alloy. No matter if you are just doing routine chain adjustments or full rear wheel removal and installation, our TST Spooled Captive Chain Adjusters make the job that much easier by keeping the adjuster plates captive in the swingarm and keeping you from losing all faith in humanity.


  • Designed to stay in place during chain adjustment, maintenance, and rear wheel removal or install¬†
  • Included spools provide a safe and sturdy method of lifting your bike with a rear paddock stand
  • Spool placement specifically designed to work with most rear stands
  • CNC machined from high-quality aluminum
  • Durable black anodized finish
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Yamaha FZ-07 2014-2017
  • Yamaha MT-07 2018-2023
  • Yamaha XSR700 2018-2023
  • Yamaha R7 2022-2023

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