TST Industries Signal Plug Converter 2-to-2 for Kawasaki

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TST Industries Signal Plug Converter 2-to-2 for Kawasaki

These converters enable you to plug in aftermarket signals into your harness without doing any wiring. These connectors will plug into the OEM signal harness plugs on late Kawasakis that have the two conductor plugs. If you don't have running lights in the signals, then you will need the 2-to-2 model. You need to check this before ordering. They terminate in insulated female bullet connectors on the end opposite to the plug with 9 inches (22cm) of wire. If you intend to use these along with the TST Industries brand signals the fit between the signals and converter is guaranteed.


  • Turns aftermarket signals into a plug and play installation
  • 2 conductor plugs
  • Works ONLY with bikes that do not have front running lights

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