TST Industries Mech-GTR Front LED Turn Signals for Yamaha FZ-07/MT-07/FZ-09/MT-09/FZ1

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TST Industries Mech-GTR Front LED Turn Signals for Yamaha FZ-07/MT-07/FZ-09/MT-09/FZ1

Inspired by the design the of the Yamaha FZ / MT motorcycles, the MECH-GTR offers a customizable LED turn signal that compliments Yamaha's hyper-naked sportbike design. The advanced lens optics and high-output SMD style LED provide an extremely bright signal light. The LED running is provided by our HALO Running Light Module and can be swapped for a different color module with a simple plug and play install. The MECH-GTR enclosure is manufactured from virgin ABS plastic that is color and texture matched to Yamaha motorcycles, making these plug-and-play signals look and feel like they have belonged on your Yamaha FZ / MT motorcycle from the start.amaha FZ/MT Models


  • Unique styling based on the Yamaha FZ / MT lineup design
  • Available in Clear or Light Smoke
  • LED running light provided by the TST HALO Running Light Module
  • Available running light colors include:
    • Hyper White
    • Amber
    • Blue
    • Warm White
    • Pink
    • Lemon Yellow
  • Can be used with or without the HALO Running Light Module
  • Advanced lens optics combined with our high-output SMD style LED produces an extremely bright signaling function
  • Uses our exclusive "ratchet mount" locking system that is easy to install, secure, and does not vibrate loose
  • Lens enclosure crafted from ABS virgin plastic that has been color and texture matched to Yamaha motorcycles
  • Plug and play installation - no cutting, splicing, or soldering required


  • Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 2015-2020
  • Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 2014-2020
  • Yamaha FZ1 2006-2015

FLASHER RELAY: Installing aftermarket LED lights may make your signal flash rate speed up. Purchasing a flasher relay will correct this problem. If you have not purchased or installed a flasher relay, we highly recommend adding the TST 2 Pin LED Flasher Relay Gen 2 to your order.

NON U.S. & CANADA BUYERS: The electrical connector plugs on this particular product have only been verified to fit the North American models. If you are outside of that market, it is your responsibility to verify connector plug compatibility.

REAR SIGNAL USAGE: These signal units were created for front turn signal use only. Due to the wire length and potential mounting issues, we do not recommend mounting these in the rear of your bike.

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