TST Industries Elite-1 Fender Eliminator '13-'17 Kawasaki Ninja 300



TST Industries Elite-1 Fender Eliminator '13-'17 Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Elite-1 undertail closeout covers the holes left behind by the stock fender and it seals off your trunk from the outside. The adjustable tag bracket gives you the freedom to adjust the license plate angle to your liking.The geometry of the closeout fits nicely around the stock undertail contours and provides a hole to route wires from the trunk to the outside in case you will be connecting signals and/or a license plate light. If there is no need for wiring to route to the outside, the provided stainless hardware will block off this hole. With the sculpt-machined anodized finish this is the cleanest and sexiest looking fender eliminator kit that you can get for your Ninja!


  • Eliminates OEM fender
  • Closes holes left behind by fender removal
  • Elegant anodized CNC aluminum construction
  • Adjustable angle license plate mount
  • Corrosion free hardware
  • No modifications necessary
  • Made in the USA


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