SpeedyMoto Kukri Pro Ducati Pressure Plate (Fits All Dry Clutch Models)


SpeedyMoto Kukri Pro Ducati Pressure Plate

As many who have crashed or dropped their bike know, the Ducatis stock pressure plate exposes the vulnerable clutch springs and posts holding them in place. Even a minor tip-over can result in sheared posts and an inoperable bike, leaving you with a costly repair bill and lost riding time spent waiting for replacement parts. SpeedyMoto pressure plates are engineered with six ramped enclosures to ensure that the most vulnerable parts of your clutch assembly are well protected.

Machined from 6 series billet aluminum, our pressure plates are much stronger and look better than the inferior cast aluminum Ducati stock plates. In the event of a crash, the SpeedyMoto pressure plate could make the difference in finishing a race weekend or making it home after a Sunday ride.

Instructions are included for easy installation. A throw-out bearing is also included and already installed. SpeedyMoto pressure plates fit all Ducati running stock dry clutches.

  • Machined from 6 series aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  • Ramped inclosure's protect your vulnerable clutch springs and posts.
  • Stronger and more attractive than the inferior cast aluminum Ducati stock part.
  • includes instructions for easy installation.
  • includes a new throw-out bearing that is already installed.
  • includes a new SpeedyMoto Stainless steal Push Rod Cap installed and won't rust or corrode.
  • fits all Ducati motorcycles with standard dry clutches.

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