Sato Racing Type-2 Lever Guard | Size M8

SKU: LG30-M8
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Sato Racing Type-2 Lever Guard | Size M8 | LG30-M8

SATO RACING Lever Guard help protect your hands and prevent unintentional engagement of the clutch or brake levers, such as during contact with another rider on the track. Made of lightweight Black-anodized billet aluminum, these Lever Guards have an adjustable pivot that lets you change the angle of the arm and overall length of the guard. This pivot also allows you to rotate the arm of the Lever Guard, which means it can be installed on either the Right (brake) side or left (Clutch) side.

NOTE: The Sato Racing 'Type2' Lever Guard (Size: M8) is designed to fit with Sato full-size (30mm) Handle Bar Ends with M8 bolt size (see related products)

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