R&G Racing Radiator Guard for '17-'18 Honda CBR1000RR | Black



R&G Racing Radiator Guard for '17-'18 Honda CBR1000RR

The R&G radiator guard for Honda CBR1000RR /SP/SP2 protects the most vulnerable and expensive component of the cooling system from damage. Lightweight aluminum mesh is surrounded by a seamless frame and powder coated for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. This protective radiator guard deflects bugs, stones and other debris thrown by the motorcycle's own front tire which can damage fragile cooling fins and degrade cooling performance or even cause a puncture. A loss of coolant from a puncture could cause your engine to overheat leaving you stranded miles from home with a very expensive repair bill. R&G designs each radiator guard to provide a precise fit so airflow and cooling performance is not compromised. Choose from three powder coated colors: black, titanium or red. Don't let your ride end with an unexpected stop in a puddle of coolant while you wait around for a tow truck, invest in an R&G radiator guard on your CBR1000RR!

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