R&G Racing Ignition Pickup Engine Case Cover for '15-'20 Yamaha R1, '16-'20 FZ/MT-10

R and G RacingRG.ECC0192BK


R&G Racing Ignition Pickup Engine Case Cover for '15-'20 Yamaha R1, '16-'20 FZ/MT-10

This R&G Racing Engine Case Cover is made from vacuum-formed thermoplastic and designed to fit the right hand side (RHS) crank case cover. Crafted from 4mm polypropylene for maximum ground clearance, durability and good looks, they compliment the R&G Crash Protectors perfectly. More lightweight than the bulky guards of the past, R&G Racing Engine Case Covers not only save weight, but can are quickly interchangeable on track days. No need to open the actual motorcycle engine case during install requiring replacement of gaskets or fluids. Simply remove a few bolts, snap the R&G Racing Engine Case Cover into place, and reinstall the original bolts. These generator guards can save you some real dough!

Special Note: The installation of this product requires you to remove a few of the case cover bolts but not all. Be sure when adding this protective cover to your motorcycle to only remove the bolts required to complete the install. Otherwise, you may be required to replace engine fluids and gaskets.

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