R&G Racing Engine Cover '17-'20 Kawasaki Z650/Ninja 650


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R&G Racing Engine Cover '17-'20 Kawasaki Z650/Ninja 650

The R&G race series engine case cover kit for Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 provides critical protection for the vulnerable engine cases in the event of a low side spill or tip over. Robust 4mm Polypropylene is naturally impact absorbing and abrasion resistant to defend against cracking and wear through of fragile metals when your motorcycle goes down. The beefed-up race series covers enhance protection a step further than the standard covers using replaceable slider pucks at the impact face for even greater wear resistance. After a small slide, just the slider puck itself can be replaced so you can head back out on the track without missing a session. These essential case covers are highly recommended for track day enthusiasts but street riders can also benefit from the added protection.

Installation is simple without the need for modifications, simply bolt on using existing mounting holes and there is no chance of spilling oil or need to replace any gaskets. This essential kit safeguards the entire clutch cover, timing case and stator case from top to bottom. Relied on by British Super Bike race teams and approved by the AMA as proper safety equipment that reduces the risk of damage to your motorcycle while also reducing the risk spilling oil on the track. Invest in serious protection for the heart of your Kawasaki with the race series engine case cover kit from the protection experts at R&G!



  • Provides impact & abrasion protection for left & right side engine cases
  • Mounts directly over existing factory original engine covers
  • Protects clutch cover, timing cover & stator cover
  • Hearty 4mm thick Polypropylene provides protection for entire engine cases on each side
  • Race Series includes replaceable slider puck at impact face for greater slide resistance
  • Highly recommended for track days but also beneficial for street riding
  • Utilizes original case mounting holes
  • No gasket replacement or fluid loss is not necessary
  • Installation takes only minutes
  • No modifications needed
  • All replacement hardware included
  • Save money with this kit vs. purchasing each cover individually
  • Used by British Super Bike racing teams & AMA approved



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