R&G Racing Engine Case Cover Kit '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900


R&G Racing Engine Case Cover Kit '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900

The R&G engine case cover kit for Kawasaki Z900 provides complete protection of the vulnerable engine sides in the event of a fall or slide. Robust 4mm thick polypropylene construction adds minimal thickness with abrasion resistance and impact absorption to prevent direct contact with the pavement. Installation is straight-forward as the original equipment does not need to be removed or modified, simply bolt on utilizing the existing mounting holes. These essential case covers are a very wise investment when you consider the repair and replacement cost of factory original parts or worse; an engine rebuild. If your unprotected motor contacts the ground in a fall it can easily crack or wear through to the point where oil is spilling out and dirt/debris get in. Don't leave the heart of your Z900 at risk, protect it with this 3 piece engine case cover kit from R&G!


  • Robust 4mm polypropylene construction
  • Low profile design hugs the factory engine cases
  • Adds minimal thickness that does not reduce cornering clearances
  • Mounts directly over the existing engine covers
  • Fitment does not require changing gaskets or losing a drop of oil
  • Absorbs impacts and resists abrasion to protect against wear through
  • Prevents direct contact of the engine case to the pavement
  • Could make the difference of riding home after an incident, or waiting for a tow truck
  • A wise investment considering the cost of repairs or replacement of original Kawasaki engine covers
  • Simple & easy to install utilizing existing case cover bolt holes
  • Compatible with R&G frame sliders for maximum protection
  • Cost-effective solution to purchasing each engine case cover individually
  • AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) approved & used by BSB (British Superbike) race teams

What's in the box:

  • R&G left side engine case cover (Stator) ECC0232BK
  • R&G right side timing case cover ECC0233BK
  • R&G right side clutch case cover ECC0234BK

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