Kellermann Jetstream DF LED Sequential 3 in 1 Indicator (Each)


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Kellermann Jetstream DF LED Sequential 3 in 1 Indicator (Each)

The Kellermann Jetstream® is probably the most spectacular motorcycle turn signal ever build. The shape is extremely aerodynamic and therefore also at high speeds very streamlined.

No other motorcycle turn signal with sequential lighting and ECE approval gets even close, the brightness of the Kellermann Jetstream® is unmatched.
In the 3in1 version, the equally strong tail and brake lights are added, and the well-proven Atto® technology is placed in the jet engine channel.

  • Highest illuminating power
  • Kellermann high-power LED technology
  • State-of-art „IC“- chip technology
  • 32 MHz real-time microprocessor controlled
  • Silent-Current, advanced Power Saving algorithm
  • High measure of visibility across a wide angle range
  • Longlife Protection Guard®
  • Suitable for 12-volt DC applications
  • Flow-optimized metal housing, high-quality manufacturing
  • M8 x 20mm thread
  • High-quality vibration-absorbing bearing
  • Global design protection
  • Made in Germany, 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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