Hepco & Becker Sportrack '19+ BMW S1000RR

Hepco and Becker670.6517 00 01


Hepco & Becker Sportrack '19+ BMW S1000RR

The Sport Rack is an innovative luggage solution for sport bikes. The Sport Rack is used in place of the passenger seat and is secured using the motorcycle’s seat lock. This rack uses the same factory fasteners that lock the rear seat to the bike allowing you to remove the rack just as quickly as the rear passenger seat. Sport racks are made of black anodized aluminum with slots for straps. An enlargement rack is an available extra that has an increased width to fit large soft luggage.

Please note this sportrack is not quickly detachable like other sportracks because a screw is required to hold the mounting plate down from the inside. The sportrack will work as wanted, however to remove it you will be required to undo 3 small screws and 1 screw on the inside.

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