Full Spectrum Power Pulse P2 Lightweight Battery

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Full Spectrum Power Pulse P2 Lightweight Battery

The Pulse P2 is a completely revised design with a new case and even better power! The Pulse P2 powered Kenan Sofuoglu's Lorenzini Kawasaki to the World Supersport Championship in 2012. The same Pulse P2 is used by Yoshimura Suzuki in AMA Superbike, Celtic Racing, LTD Racing, and countless others in AMA, WERA, and CCS competition.

This is our most popular lightweight battery. It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including 1000cc inline 4-cylinder sportbikes, and V-Twin sportbikes up to 1098cc. With proper care, it can be used for street or racing use.

Full Spectrum Power Pulse® batteries belong to the lithium ion family, using the Nanophosphate® LiFePO4 chemistry, specifically. Batteries using this chemistry are light, powerful, and safe. Lithium ion batteries outperform their lead-acid based counterparts in multiple measures, including performance and longevity. All Full Spectrum Power Pulse batteries include a 2 year warranty.

The Pulse P2 features the finest A123 Systems cells for consistent performance and balanced power. Each set of cells is enclosed in a Valox composite case (stronger than ABS plastic, with heat and fire resistance). This case is super tough, yet light weight and compact to meet the demands of motorsports. Pure brass terminals are specially machined for the case, and connect to an Integrated Protection Circuit. This provides automatic current shut off if a short circuit is detected, or a forced discharge is detected. This protects you, the battery, any your machine from a potential hazard. No other battery offers this combination of lightweight, power, and safety.

Weighing just 780 grams (1.7lb) the Pulse P2 will save an average of 8 pounds when compared to a stock battery, while providing extra cranking capability. It offers integrated brass terminals (screw in posts) making it a direct replacement for your stock battery with no modification or special wiring harness required.

Fully compatible with your motorcycle's stock charging system. We recommend using the Pacemaker or CV Charger with all Pulse and Genesis battery systems, which are designed for lithium cells. Standard chargers will not work properly with lithium cells. We also recommend disconnecting your Pulse or Genesis battery when the motorcycle will not be used for an extended period of time (more than 3 days) to prevent self-discharging which may permanently harm your battery.


  • * 250 Cranking Amps / 45 Amps Continuous Discharge
  • * 5 Amp/Hour Capacity = 10 Amp/Hour Lead Acid Equivalent


  • * 117mm (L) x 64mm (W) x 96mm (H) = 4.6" (L) x 2.5" (W) X 3.8" (H)
  • * 780 grams = 27.5 ounces = 1.7 pounds

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