TST Industries Y-Style Harness Splitters for Yamaha

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TST Industries Y-Style Harness Splitters for Yamaha

Have an integrated tail light but still want to run Yamaha pod signals in the rear? This simple Yamaha splitter allows you to simultaneously run two different signaling configurations on the rear of your bike. Instead of cutting wires or splicing things on your bike, these Yamaha Signal Plug Splitters give you the ease of a plug and play installation. They incorporate the Yamaha 3-pin connector on one end with female Yamaha signal plug connectors on the other. Simply plug your Yamaha signals into this harness adapter and then mate that setup to your Yamaha’s OEM connector. Wiring job done.

  • Enables the simultaneous use of two signaling configurations in the rear of your Yamaha.
    • For example: integrated tail light AND rear pod signals
  • Female Yamaha OEM connectors on one end, Yamaha 3 pin signal connector on other end.
  • Commonly used with our LED Integrated Tail Light and our aftermarket turn signals
  • Can be used with Yamaha stock signals
  • Measures 8.5 inches in length.
  • Sold as a pair (2 converters per kit)

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