Attack Performance Adjustable Rearsets for 2006-2013 Kawasaki ZX10R

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Attack Performance Adjustable Rearsets for 2006-2013 Kawasaki ZX10R - Complete kit included brake & clutch lever

Note: These rear sets will not work with the stock brake line on the 2006-2010 models.

  • * Attack Foot Controls are manufactured in Southern California from 7075 T6 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.
  • * Unlike low-budget 6061 - utlized by other manufacturers - our material is rated at a tensile strength of 76,000 KSI (as opposed to only 42,000 KSI with 6061 grade material), making Attack Rearsets more than 50% stronger than other brands.
  • * Utilizing superior material with better weight-to-strength ratio enables innovative design to produce lighter, thinner foot controls without sacrificing strength or durability.
  • * A very wide range of adjustability accommodates any boot size, and permits the ultimate sweet spot for any rider to be dialed in quickly.
  • * Survivability - built into each model after extensive and rigorous on-track R&D - gives Attack Foot Controls the edge over the competition.
  • * Partial "breakaway" pegs are designed, in case of hard touchdown, to leave enough of the peg intact for the rider to finish the race.
  • * Quick-change pegs eliminate the need to remove the entire rearset in order to replace, with easily accessible peg release screws.
  • * Tightly sprung retracting shift and brake pedals virtually eliminate broken levers.

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