Armour Bodies Pro Series Bodywork Superbike Kit Use With Aftermarket Exhaust 2012-2014 BMW S1000RR

Armour Bodies71-0752SB


Armour Bodies Pro Series Bodywork Superbike Kit Use With Aftermarket Exhaust 2012-2014 BMW S1000RR | 71-0752SB

FULL SHEET FIBERGLASS Each kit is assembled from full sheet fiberglass allowing for the strongest, lightest bodywork possible. Other manufacturers save money using scraps of fiberglass in their kits making them heavier and brittle. Pro Series bodywork will often survive a crash that would leave other bodywork in pieces.

SPECIAL RESIN Armour Bodies uses a special resin derived from the kayak industry. Originally created to withstand rocky impacts, our specially formulated resin provides superior flexibility and weight savings. This resin also has a very low shrinkage ratio, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

FINISH We spend more time finishing our bodywork than any other manufacturer in the industry. Every kit is meticulously finished, filling holes and sanding edges to insure a perfect finish. The bodywork is ready to paint with just a light scuff, saving you time and money in the booth.

CARBON/KEVLAR REINFORCEMENT Armour Bodies has raised the bar once again by adding Carbon/Kevlar reinforcements to all the mounting areas at no extra cost. These reinforcements help prevent cracking at the mount points during a crash, keeping your bodywork intact and on the bike where it belongs. Our flexibility, finish, fit and price set us apart from all others.

"Best bodywork for the money on the market. Fit is excellent, plus it comes with an exceptional primer that is very, very easy to paint. Great product! Compares favorably to other premium brands for less money".

**For Full Race Exhaust**

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