Akrapovic Evolution Line Kit (Titanium) Full Exhaust '15-'19 Yamaha YZF R1/R1M/R1S

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Akrapovic Evolution Line Kit (Titanium) Full Exhaust '15-'19 Yamaha YZF R1/R1M/R1S | S-Y10E3-APT

  • POWER +5.5kW at 7200 rpm
  • WEIGHT -5.8kg
  • TORQUE +7.0Nm at 7200 rpm

Developed by Akrapovič engineers to give Yamaha YZF-R1 racers and teams the ultimate in performance from their machines. The Evolution Line Kit takes the bike to another level and is aimed at taking the YZF-R1 all the way in the exhaust tuning process. This beautifully designed system is constructed from lightweight titanium—saving 5.8 kgs (58%) over the stock system—and is finished with a hi-tech carbon fibre heat shield, which perfectly matches the sporty nature and lines of the bike. The Evolution Line Kit is designed to provide increased engine performance and higher torque to the machine, and also features a unique Akrapovič racing sound to make it sound and perform in perfect harmony. Developed for use with R1s fitted with a Yamaha Racing Kit, the Evolution Line Kit will transform the performance, handling, and behavior of the R1, making it a thoroughbred race machine. Due to the bespoke nature of parts like the radiator in the Yamaha Racing Kit, using the Akrapovič Evolution Line Kit offers more freedom to modify the R1 with racing components.

NOTE: The Evolution Line Kit cannot be mounted with the Yamaha YZF-R1 stock fairings.

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