RhinoMoto Barends Mirror Mounts '22 Yamaha XSR900



RhinoMoto Barends Mirror Mounts '22 Yamaha XSR900

These mirror mounts are designed specifically for the new 2022 XSR900. They are CNC machined from steel billet so that they maintain vibration damping weight, and replaceable polymer buttons in three shapes. Please select button style when ordering. 8mm hex recess is accessible under the buttons so that they can be torqued to the manufacturer’s specification. They feature deep recesses in the back to cover the portion of the bars that extend past the grips due to the stock bar end mirror design. These mounts are our Gen 2 design, meaning that they work with both closed and open bar end mirror styles.

Each kit includes two mirror mounts with dress rings, buttons and stainless hardware. 

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