RhinoMoto Heavy Barends Mirror Mounts -'18 BMW S1000RR, '14-'21 S1000R



RhinoMoto Heavy Barends Mirror Mounts -'18 BMW S1000RR, '14-'21 S1000R

We created these special mirror mounts at the request of S1000R and S1000RR owners around the globe who were searching for more vibration-damping weight. Unlike our other bar ends with replaceable buttons at the ends, these are a one-piece steel design to make them as heavy as possible. The stock bar ends are 7 ounces per side and these weigh in at 9 ounces per side. Most CRG mirrors are about 3 ounces, bringing the total weight per side up to 12 ounces per side. Now available in black powder coated and stainless finishes. Please select finish when ordering.

Kit includes 2 mirror mounts, stainless steel M12 fasteners and 2 RhinoMoto logo stickers.

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