Pit Bull Hybrid Head Lift Front Stand

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Pit BullF0100A-000

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Pit Bull Hybrid Head Lift Front Stand (Pin Required)

Pit Bull's Hybrid Headlift Stand will lift your motorcycle from the hole in the lower triple tree(steering stem), allowing you to remove the tire, remove/service the forks, or just store the bike with no load on the suspension.   The Hybrid Headlift Front features 7 indexable height adjustments, which is very desirable when removing the forks on your motorcycle. 

You will have several options below when adding this item to your cart.  The most important option is the front pin which can be purchased separately at the link below.


There are welded-on "bungs" on the upper part of this stand you can attach our caliper holders if you'd like to have a place to mount your calipers and caliper bolts while working on the front of the bike. 

You'll also be asked to decide whether you want an axle holder.  The Axle Holder is exactly what it sounds like: something to hold your axle when you remove it from the motorcycle.  It is not necessary, but a nice option if you like that concept.

The Wall Mount is another item that is exactly what it sounds like:  something you can use to hang your stand up on the wall of your shop or trailer.  The "Shop Kit" comes with the Front Stand Retainer only, which is great for a shop/garage.  The "Transport Kit" comes with an adjustable bungee cord and d-rings to mount your stand on the wall of the trailer.  

The Hybrid Headlift is based upon a modular design and can be easily converted to lift from the forks instead of the lower triple tree with the addition of hybrid swivels (related products below). 

The Hybrid Headlift Front Stand comes standard with a 16" removable handle you can choose for maximum leverage and of course the convenience of not having the handle be a trip hazard when the bike is left on the stand.  Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors.

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