TST Industries Quadrix Sequential Led Pod Turn Signals (Pair)


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TST Industries Quadrix Sequential Led Pod Turn Signals (Pair)

Ditch the boring stock signals and upgrade your motorcycle with bright, modern, and sequential LED turns signal from TST Industries. Our Quadrix LED Pod Turn Signals feature a unique open design concept with a distinctive X-Wing Starfighter-inspired design on the back of the signal. The four ultra bright SMD style LEDs in each signal activate in an eye-catching sequential light pattern, animating from the base of the signal outward upon signal activation. We took things a step further and added a built-in running light circuit to the Quadrix LED Turn Signals, meaning that if your bike features a running light on the stock signals, you won't lose that feature when upgrading with Quadrix like you may with other signals. It's time to toss the stock signals and give your ride the upgrade it deserves.

Pair these with our Pod Signal To License Plate Mounting Kit to easily mount them to for rear signal use, or navigate to your motorcycle's dedicated category to find the correct Pod Turn Signal Mount Adapter Kit to enable secure mounting on the front.


  • Sequential light pattern
  • Running light compatible
  • 4 ultra high-power amber SMD style LEDs in each indicator
  • Light smoke lens
  • Can be installed on the front or rear when combined with correct wiring and mounting accessories
  • Wires end in male bullet connectors - can be plug and play when paired with TST wire harness converters
  • TST Industries exclusive

These signals can be used on the front or rear of your motorcycle when paired with the correct wiring and mounting hardware.

Sold as a pair.

Due to these signals already having a built-in running light circuit, our TST Turn Signal Running Mate is not compatible.

WIRING: These signals connect via male bullet connectors. If that's different from your bike's plug, don't stress! We've got you covered. Check out our wire harness converters for a simple plug-and-play wiring job. No cutting, splicing, or soldering required. We currently have wire harness converters for Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Navigate to your specific motorcycle to find the exact harness converter for your motorcycle.

RUNNING LIGHT: These turn signals feature a built-in running light circuit and are fully compatible with your OEM running light. If you do not have an OEM running light circuit, you will need to tap into a power source to provide one if you want to take advantage of that feature, which can easily be done with our TST Running Light Circuit Connection Kit. Because the running light circuit is already built into the signal, the use of a TST Running Mate is not needed and is not compatible.

FLASH RATE: Installing aftermarket LED lights will make your signals flash faster than OEM speed. You can correct this problem by using the TST plug and play LED flasher relay. Please navigate to your specific motorcycle to find the correct relay unit for your bike. Not sure if you need a flasher relay? please contact US.

Please note this item is not DOT approved and may not comply with the laws and regulations in your area. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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