Custom LED Compact LED Blinkers V1 (Pair)

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Custom LED Compact LED Blinkers V1 (Pair)

These compact short-stalk LED blinkers are a perfect replacement for large unsightly OEM blinkers on motorcycles.  The high-efficiency and modern sleek look of these lamps will truly compliment any motorcycle.

Our LED blinkers can also be used on compact license plate mounts in conjunction with our Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights for the ULTIMATE turn signal visibility in the rear!

The 12 internal Ultra-Bright Yellow 3mm LEDs provide an intense amber/yellow light which is correct for turn signal indication in the front or rear of your motorcycle.

The universal mounting design allows this lamp to be mounted in any hole larger than 8mm.  Maximum mounting hole size is 12mm without the use of additional hardware. 


  • Compact universal fit short stalk LED blinker lights for motorcycles.
  • 12 Ultra-Bright Yellow LEDs for turn signal indication front or rear.
  • Can be used as a running light and turn signal with optional Blinker Genie accessory.
  • 2-wire design for standard 12VDC blinker systems.
  • Highly efficient LEDs consume only 0.08A of current (1.2 Watts) each lamp.
  • Waterproof enclosure for consistent and reliable operation.
  • Sold as a PAIR.
  • 1-Year Manufacture Warranty

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