CRG Raceline Folding Brake & Clutch Lever Sets


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CRG Raceline Folding Brake & Clutch Lever Sets

An important part of the CRG company origins come from our relationships and experience in creating components for high level motorcycle road racing. With the Raceline levers, we have created brake and clutch lever features most desired by high level road racing and road sport riders. By literally "turning the product on edge" during the manufacturing process, we have developed a lever with high strength, lightweight, and aerodynamics unmatched by any lever product in the market. The product is being made exclusively within CRG / USA in-house manufacturing.

  • Features:
  • * Aerodynamic CNC-sculpted machined lever.
  • * Brake lever features micro-position adjust.
  • * Brake lever compatible with CRG Remote Raceline Remote Adjust Kit (sold separately).
  • * Folding lever reduces possible damage in a tip-over condition. .
  • * Laser-etched graphics.
  • * Anodized black. Made in the U.S.A.

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