TST Industries Programmable Sequential LED Integrated Tail Light '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900



TST Industries Programmable Sequential LED Integrated Tail Light '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900

TST engineers worked for months to perfect a design that brings the techy, yet aggressive feel of the Kawasaki Z900 into the tail light while also throwing in some TST spice. I might be biased, but I think they nailed it! The natural lines of the Z900 body geometry now extend into the tail light lens, adhering to the bike's design language while creating a cohesive aesthetic that brings modern and aggressive styling to the tail section. Hexadome lens elements incorporate techy style with efficient optics over the running light and turn signal lens area, while the hexagonal flat elements handle the brake light lens section. All parameters of the lens design ensure that the 100 high-powered LEDs are used to their maximum light output potential. The 9 programmable light modes are activated by an easy to access program button on the enclosure so that you can quickly select the mode that fits you and your ride best. We outfit each tail light with plug and play wiring so that you can spend less time performing the installation and more time riding. All you have to do is plug it in, and you're done!


  • Unique lens design that compliments the Z900 design language
  • 100 high power LEDs onboard
    • 56 running / brake LEDs at 80% brightness during running light mode and switch to 100% brightness for brake mode
    • 12 dedicated brake LEDs combine with the 56 mentioned above to fill in previously unlit areas for maximum brightness
    • 32 dedicated amber signal LEDs
  • Plug and play wiring - no cutting, splicing, or soldering required
  • Available with clear or smoke lens
  • Built-in turn signals
  • Programmable Functions
    • Modify the functionality of your turn signals and brake light
    • 3 turn signal modes: standard, sequential, pulsar
    • 3 brake light modes: standard, strobe alert, pulsar
  • TST Industries exclusive design


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