TST Industries Elite-1 Fender Eliminator '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900



TST Industries Elite-1 Fender Eliminator '17-'20 Kawasaki Z900

Removing the large stock Z900 fender is a double-edged sword. On one side, your bike looks awesome without all of that extra junk hanging off the tail...but on the other, you've just created an unsightly void on the underside of your tail that not only looks awful but can let dirt and debris into your tail section. We set out to solve that problem with our Elite-1 Fender Eliminator and Undertail kit. You can toss that OEM fender in the recycling where it belongs and upgrade to your choice of standard or adjustable license plate bracket and a precision molded Undertail Closeout Panel. It's a win-win! Our goal was to design this kit in a way that riders would think "that's how this should have looked from the factory" and we sincerely think we've achieved that. The color and texture of the injection molded ABS plastic TST Undertail Closeout continues the design theme of the undertail fender, blending in like an OEM panel. Our proprietary lightweight license plate bracket options provide a simple and low-profile way of mounting your plates that keep them visible while not distracting you from the tail design. If you've never installed a Fender Eliminator before, don't worry! We have a very thorough installation video in which Bart takes you through the entire disassembly, installation, and reassembly process.


  • Proprietary lightweight design
  • Eliminates the oversized stock fender and covers the resulting voids
  • Molded Undertail Closeout Panel matches the Z900 design lines, color, and texture
  • License plate mount available in a standard (fixed) and CNC aluminum adjustable version
  • Adjustable version enables you to set your preferred license plate angle
  • Standard version offers a budget friendly option that still eliminates the stock bulk
  • Comes with corrosion resistant mounting hardware
  • No modifications required for installation


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