Graves Motorsports Cat Eliminator Exhaust System '20 Kawasaki Z H2

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Graves Motorsports Cat Eliminator Exhaust System '20 Kawasaki Z H2

Graves Motorsports Kawasaki Z H2 Cat Eliminator Exhaust System. This system features a 330mm carbon silencer with titanium deep draw tapered end cap.

The 330mm silencer is has a Titanium entrance cap and attaches to the Carbon silencer body. The silencer is hung with a carbon fiber hanger strap for the cleanest look possible. The silencer body attaches to the end caps with stainless steel aircraft grade rivets and Titanium silencer bands. The inner core tube is made of stainless steel that slips over the entrance and into the exit cap that is made of Titanium and accented with a titanium beauty cover with a 60* slash cut.


  • 330mm Length Silencer Design (Carbon Fiber) designed to match the Z H2's Race Inspired lines.
  • Silencer Hung with Carbon Fiber Strap
  • Constructed from Aerospace grade hi heat Titanium alloys

Material: Titanium Tubing / Carbon Fiber Sleeve / Titanium End Cap


Stock sound DB @ idle @ 5000 rpm
Graves Cat Elim (330mm) DB @ idle @ 5000

Fits: Kawasaki Z H2 2020

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