Gillles Tooling VCR38GT Rearsets 2009-2011 Honda CBR1000RR ABS

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Gillles Tooling VCR38GT Rearsets 2009-2011 Honda CBR1000RR ABS

Infinitely Adjustable VCR38GT Rear Sets - Imagine having rearsets that you could tailor to your exact riding position. Stop dreaming! Gilles Tooling VCR rearsets offer an unparalleled degree of adjustability unlike any other rearset before. Using an innovative pivot-style adjustment system, the Gilles VCR rearsets gives a range of footpeg positions rather than set placements determined by the mounting grid plate. The entire rearset is CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized in either Gold, Gold w/ Black Accents, Black or Black w/ Gold Accents. All levers use premium double-ball bearings to ensure smooth action and no play. Gilles Tooling VCR rearsets also come with a built in micro-switch to activate the rear brake light, no additional pressure switch required. With all of these features backed by their worldwide reputation for quality, these Gilles Tooling VCR rearsets are the best rearsets on the market.

  • * Continuously adjustable rearsets
  • * Super high grade aluminium al7075
  • * Perfect symbiosis of light weight and strength standard and reverse shifting possible
  • * Optimized ergonomics by use of innovative rolling toe piece on gear lever
  • * Single or dual carbon heel protectors
  • * Available in different hard anodized colors
  • * Tuv-parts certificate integrated brake light microswitch
  • * Unlimited adjustment possibilities: footrest, shift travel, foot length
  • * Precise positioning by graded-scale
  • * Fixing of the optimum position with a central clamping screw
  • * No play, double ball-bearing gear- and brake lever
  • * Rolling toe piece enables less effort when shifting gears brake lever positioning by eccentric adjuster

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