Custom LED Load Equalizer | 2 Watt (Pair)

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Custom LED Load Equalizer | 2 Watt (Pair)

  • Fixes the no-blink and 4-way blink problems for many blinker systems (Note: some systems require more than one pair, or larger Load Equalizers. Contact us for details.)
  • Fixes the fast-blink, no-blink and 4-way blink problems.
  • Comes with non destructive quick-tap connectors.
  • Comes with detailed installation instructions.
  • Superior "Oversized" design prevents excessive heat buildup.
  • Sold as pairs (two per order).
  • Made in the USA.
  • 1-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.

The 2-Watt Load Equalizer (formerly known as Stage I Load Equalizer) may be for you if the following matches your situation after changing your incandescent bulbs to LEDs:

  • the blinkers do not blink at all - either they turn on and stay on solid or they don't even come on at all
  • the left and right directional signals illuminate at the same time when activated (4-way blink problem)

The 2-Watt Load Equalizer adds 2 Watts of load to the turn signal system, to make the turn signal system with the stock flasher relay operate in the fast blink condition (bulb out) with your LEDs blinkers installed.  If you want to slow your blinkers down to the normal blink rate, you will need to match the wattage of the OEM turn signal lamps you removed, with our Load Equalizers.

For the 4-way blink problecm, sometimes one pair of our 2-Watt Load Equalizers is sufficient.  However, some motorcycles require more than one pair (particularly on older bikes) in which case it may make sense to go with one pair of the 10-Watt or 25-Watt Load Equalizers instead.

Our 2-Watt Load Equalizer couldn't be easier to install!  The device is very small and connects to the blinker wires.  Your order will come with detailed instructions and simple tap connectors that do not require any cutting or splicing of the factory wiring!

Our Load Equalizers are over designed and over sized for excellent heat capacity.  They will not get too hot under normal operation.  You wont have any overheating problems with our products!

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