BMC Standard Motorcycle Air Filters

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BMC Standard Motorcycle Air Filters

Why replace your original air filter with a BMC air filter?

  • * Long life: can be cleaned and reused, no replacement needed
  • * Wider filtering surface; Maximum air permeability
  • * Greater retention and screening
  • * Better "Pressure Drop" ratio; International test approval


HIGHEST QUALITY The BMC air filter is composed of a metallic mesh containing an oiled multilayer cotton filtration material. This guarantees a high level of filtering efficiency and a limited loss of air pressure. The oil used gives the material its “sticky” adhesive characteristic which aids in the retention of air impurities without compromising or blocking air flow penetration. This also creates a continuous filtering process. The cotton filtrating element is contained within an external support frame which interfaces with the air-box and allows it to be securely installed. Every stage of the production process, from design to manufacturing, is carried out in Italy by Italian engineers and uses the finest quality materials.

BETTER THAN OEM FILTERS OEM paper filters present an elevated resistance to the passage of air and consequently a reduction in engine performance. The BMC air filter permits a notably higher air flow passage, producing less than half the Pressure Drop (the difference between the air pressure before and after the filter element) when compared to paper filters. The engine protection efficiency of the filter is ensured; thanks to the combination of the different oiled layers, containment of all impurities down to 7 microns is guaranteed whereas paper filters generally require total filtration of particles of 10 microns. Therefore BMC air filters allow more air into the engine in comparison to paper filters while providing better protection. In addition traditional paper filters must be replaced regularly during routine maintenance whereas the BMC air filter is reusable and has a general lifespan equal to that of the vehicle.

ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMICAL BMC air filters are made of cotton, a natural material which can be reused several times. The air filter can be washed with a special detergent then re-oiled, thereby saving the cost of changing the air filter each time the vehicle is serviced and thus reducing environmental waste.

RIGOROUS TESTING BMC operates in a number of areas: automotive, racing, aerospace, nautical and industrial, and according to the specific regulations and requirements of each sector. Consequently, BMC air filter testing is rigorous and thorough thereby ensuring a higher quality in respect to paper, foam and plastic materials. The technical solutions used by BMC are derived from the results of a continuous and intense programme of laboratory testing. BMC carries out filtration tests in accordance with the international standards for filtering (ISO 5011). BMC Air Filters have a 98.5% filtering efficiency in respect to this standard.

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